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3 definitions by gingerspice1398

When one male roommate tries to butt-rape his other male roommate at gunpoint.
"Guys, this morning Keith walked in my room holding a rifle in one hand, a shotgun in the other, and a pistol in his waistband. I was in my boxers and judging by the way he looked at me, he was gonna try to run the Gayson on me. Thank God Bruce walked in when he did."
by gingerspice1398 July 25, 2011
6 2
When one puts peanut butter on another's asshole and then proceeds to give him/her a rim job.
Last night i was really hungry but Erica wanted to have some sexy time first, so I grabbed some JIF and gave her a sticky dachshund.
by gingerspice1398 July 18, 2011
4 1
When a male lays on his back with his diseased penis erect (like and antenna) and gets fucked cowgirl style by a girl, generally a random, drunken slut.
Dude, I saw Erica go in there with Toby and I think they're gonna do the Rusty Antenna.
by gingerspice1398 July 25, 2011
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