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An obstacle found in one's path that, while drunk, provides an incredible challenge to avoid. This includes cracks in the sidewalk, low-hanging tree branches, abnormal curbs, and members of the opposite sex who are of questionable attractiveness. Generally, these are ranked by class, or degree of difficulty: class 1 being the lowest and class 5 being the highest.
The captain totally tweaked his ancle last night on a class 5 drunk catcher.
by gingerman August 20, 2005
A rare hair color that predominantly looks great on women. For men its either a hit or miss. A natural red head is the only kind to look good with red hair because their skin tone matches their hair color.
That red hair on that kid give him mutant abilities of pale skin, freckles and he cannot be in the sun for very long without sunscreen.
by GingerMan September 07, 2012
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