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randomly talking, or randomly getting talked to by a complete stranger whilst using a urinal
i just got some urinal talk when i went to the bathroom
by gimdive January 11, 2004
to masturbate whilst doing a handstand in an attempt to ejaculate into ones own mouth
i wouldnt put it past you to go and have a handstand wank
by gimdive January 11, 2004
meaning piss off, yeah
just poy!
by Gimdive November 14, 2003
the act of using your hand to display a retarded thought trying to leave your head.
hand must be spread out, palm facing away from the head, and the end of the wrist in contact with the centre of your head. the little finger must be 90 degrese to the arm/wrist, with the thumb paralelle with the arm/wrist, and the arm/wrist must be paralelle with your eye-line
dave: "hehehe i just cant eat your legs without much more jam said jeremy to your face"

*at this point in time you may choose to reece to show that you have the thought of that retarded comment in your head and can probably do you much damage to keep the thought trapped in your brain*
by gimdive January 11, 2004

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