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The white labodor from Family Guy. Brian is the kind, loyal, sophisticate, and adorable little dog of the show. He is one of the smartest in the house. He loves dry-martinis any alcohol for that matter and can't find the right women. He loves Lois but is best friends with Peter. He cares in a non-gay way about Stewie as shown in the episode "Brian And Stewie". Brian also has once eaten all the shit Stewie made in his diaper in the same episode. Once Brian had dusted off his brown and green dinner he proceded to dessert, a big puddle of Stewie's vomit. Stewie then forced Brian to cross the line by "cleaning" Stewie probably saw it as a rimjob Stewies poo-stained ass. Unfortunatly for poor Brian, Stewie can be heard letting go a big wet fart while Brian lapped up his brown asshole. The poor dog can be seen stressing over it for most of the episode. But at the end Brian and Stewie confess they have both care about one enother, with Brian seen as a father figure to Stewie.
Brian Griffin is the BEST character on Family Guy!
#brian #family guy #peter griffin #stewie griffin #lois griffin #yummy diaper #dodo for dinner
by ghorg August 22, 2010
The main character and father from Family Guy. Peter is a fart champion as seen many times in the show. Peter didn't get gas until age 30 but has been making up for it ever since with lethal, putird farts. Memorable Moments: In "The King Is Dead" Peter rips a long fart onstage, causing the audience to clap (although some passout from the stench). While inside a small plastic box, Peter ripped a mean, morning fart causing himself to passout. In "Play It Again Brian" Peter wakes up from a hangover and greets the day, along with poor Lois and Brian Griffin, with a long beer fart which stinks up the whole hotel room. He once defeated fuckhole Micheal Moore in a bathroom showdown. But his favorite target is Meg. Peter has farted on Meg countless times, a few times up her nose, once in her open mouth and once chasing her around the kitchen before she threw up. But Peter's best moment when sharing his gas with Meg is in "Bango Was His Name-O". He locks Meg in a car, windows up, with him. He procedes to fart many times forcing Meg to "love the gas". She eventually passes out and Peter adds one more fart to her face before leaving the gas chamber. Peter Is Without a doubt A FARTING GOD!!!!!!!!
Peter Griffin Is So Gassy, Meg Is Lucky To Have That Gas Shared With Her.
#fart #micheal moore-fuckbag #brian griffin #lois griffin #frenchpooch frenching
by ghorg August 24, 2010
engaging in a passionate kissing/licking with a dog's asshole. as well you eat anything the dog makes including shit and farts.
everynight John enjoyed giving his dog a good, long frenchpooch frenching.
#rover rimjob #k9 rimjob #rimjob #puppy food #anal frenchkiss
by ghorg August 16, 2010
A fart which stinks so bad and is so powerful it can be compared to a dog fart, namely Brian Griffin. His wonderfully smelly gas is worse then Peter Griffin’s and not portrayed enough on Family Guy.
Josh Ripped A Brian Griffin Fart While Sitting On My Face, It Was Really Bad!
#fart #brian griffin #peter griffin #frenchpooch frenching #puppy food
by ghorg September 02, 2010
Phrase used when someone is about to release a bad fart/burp. Indicates to the people around said person that it's too late to escape the impending stench.
While sitting next to Matt on the bus he shouted "Here It Comes!" Then the dreaded smell of rotten eggs entered my olfactory.
#fart #rotten eggs #matt #sbd #flatuence
by ghorg January 24, 2011
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