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the most successfull White rapper out there he don't take shit from no one else about him rappin' he just expresses himself so fuck any one who doubted him

eminem is a real time gangsta with a shady past but a bright future
eminem ain't scared of nobody he will gun anyone down in his songs but he is smart dat is why he ain't got no beef wit anyone besides Murder inc but there all gay ass niggaz
by ghetton16 January 06, 2006
Money over bitches the group which Tupac Shakur started and now it has been taken over by The Game
man i was reppin' M.O.B back when it belonged to Tupac
by ghetton16 January 05, 2006
fucking someone up their battyhole also means anal sex
i fucked abbi up her battyhole at the party i did her real good in the anal
by ghetton16 January 03, 2006

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