97 definitions by gerard irick

someone who courageously face harshness and unpleasant conditions to obtain a goal
Fred is a trooper he walked 2 miles in 2 feet of snow to get home.
by Gerard Irick January 07, 2010
to have good sound judgment
Its only common sense to not spend your last dollar on something you don't need.
by Gerard Irick December 14, 2009
a phrase used when working with another & their performance is making you work harder
Frank you're killing me lift up your side of the table.
by Gerard Irick September 03, 2011
someone who gets a sudden burst of excitement and confidence based on being in favorable positon in a competition
Eric is souped because he is going to be one of the finalist.
by Gerard Irick December 01, 2010
to build up enough courage (usually for men) to face adversity and responsibility
When someone man-up its shows maturity and increases respect from society.
by Gerard Irick April 16, 2010
to browbeat someone with harsh criticism
Don't lecture me on how to do things.
by Gerard Irick March 19, 2010
a little malicious tit-for-tat game couples use to remind their partner what they contribute towards the relationship
A relationship won't last if a couple's keeping score.
by Gerard Irick December 10, 2009

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