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long haired drug addict who appreciates good hifi
i see a mesp lying in the corner unconcious overther
by genesis April 25, 2003
A twnety something that likes to booze heavilly
ah mesp would you like some more meths with your cola?
by genesis April 28, 2003
A snob that finds joy in insulting everyone and everything. Like a cynic, only without the class.
Look up Nu-Metal. You'll read the thoughts of about 60 haters.
by genesis March 29, 2005
A tool used for cleaning bungholes.
Oh my! What a big tung you have.
by genesis March 31, 2003
to be very nasty smelling or to be hated very badly.
"dude, your ass smells go douche"
by Genesis August 29, 2003
The last vestige of the "liberal media (truth)" that Republicans bitch about so much.
The Daily Show is the shit.
by Genesis September 13, 2004

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