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12 definitions by gazza

colloquial term for a woman who has repeatedly engaged in carnal activities, to the point whereupon she becomes overly enlarged.
She's such a fuckbucket, you need to strap a plank across your arse to stop from falling in
by Gazza February 06, 2003
87 19
A glass beer bottle, typically containing 375mL of delicious, cold, frosty amber fluid... ahhhh :P
hey pass us another stubbie mate
by Gazza March 24, 2003
73 11
a beer, served under 2 degrees celcius so it freezes your throat on the way down... mmmmmmm :P~
chuck us another coldie mate
by Gazza March 24, 2003
39 10
A smudgie is when you freeze a length of your shit, and use it as a dildo on a girl.
Wouldn't it melt I hear you say? That's the smudgie part.
I've got some smudgie crust left on flaps this morning.
by Gazza May 08, 2006
53 32
a 375mL aluminium beer can
pass us another tinnie mate, i'm as dry as a dead dingo's donger
by Gazza March 24, 2003
95 77
noun A wholly vacant person. See also fuckwit
She's lost the plot, a total fruit loop
by Gazza February 06, 2003
44 43
i want to bang you!
porn star enter`s the room, you are with yr mates and you all think wollop! she can have some! (wot a babe)
by Gazza October 23, 2003
0 1