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Something that is both troubling and problematic.
1) Dude, you are supposed to come with us to the football game this weekend.
2) Yeah, but my wife says I have to go to the wedding...
1) This is really troublematic.
by GavinT April 03, 2008
An expression to render drinking less harmful. Used when someone maybe should not be having a drink.

1) I just like to have one little drinkipoo before work.
2) I'll just have another drinkipoo before the guests get here, what harm could there be?
by GavinT March 17, 2008
Verb: To eat the food of people around you, usually at a restaurant.
1: I'm getting the cake for dessert,
2: Great choice! I'm totally long forking some of that!
by GavinT May 05, 2008
Self Containted Anti-Fart Breathing Apparatus. When you pull your shirt up when someone farts.
1) Dude - total SCAFBA - I just farted my Taco Bell.
by GavinT March 26, 2008
Like an emoticon, but a verb.
Dude, I love your use of verbicons, so useful in your e-mails.
*cry, cry*
*pumps fist*
by GavinT March 20, 2008
Two (or more) people repeated complimenting each other, at their own expense, in an attempt to pay respect and show humility.
Guy 1: Your such a good artist

Guy 2: No, your a better artist

Guy 1: The way you compose a photo is the best

Guy 2: but your use of lighting is so much better than mine

Guy 1: Let's just agree that we are both good artists, this is starting to turn in the Canadian Cocksucking Championships.
by gavint November 14, 2012
To poop, as in go to the bathroom.
I have to cut a crunch before we leave, don't worry, it should be less than 5 minutes.
by GavinT March 18, 2008
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