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1) A Jewish person with douche bag-like tendencies.

2) A person who acts like a douche bag, but only when it comes to money.
1) Wow, is that Semite seriously going to take pictures of himself in front of a church? What a Jewschebag!

2) Last week, I lent Matt fifty bucks, and now he claims he paid it back when he clearly didn't. I'm never going to lend that Jewshebag money again!
by gavdawg262 January 24, 2010
Pants that aren't tight at the top, so when the wearer sits down, it appears as if they have an erection.
This can lead to some pretty embarrassing experiences.
My girlfriend and I went out to lunch. I forgot not to wear to wear my boner pants, and now she thinks that she helped me achieve an erection. I'm not quite sure if this is a curse or a blessing, but at least she knows that I don't have a small penis.
by gavdawg262 January 24, 2010
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