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When a girl has on a strap on and a guy gives her a blowjob
Tom: I almost died last night!

Bill: Dude, what happened??
Tom: I gave this girl a plastic bj last night and I choked on her purple dick!
by Gatedear November 30, 2013
When you wake up in the middle of an ongoing bukkake session
That Texas Pickle Trap from earlier has really clogged up my pores.
by gatedear May 12, 2014
It's caking but it is not as sweet
Jon: She just sent me a heart emoji!
Gerald: Aww shit you guys are caking!!!
Jon: No we're not, we're cornbreading. An emoji doesn't mean shit
by gatedear December 06, 2014
When a black person listens to music made by a white person. When another black person finds out, it is considered "White People Music".
Bonqueshia: girl, what chu listening to (rolls her neck)
Moesha: that new Justin Bieber, girl (smacks her lips)
Bonqueshia: thats dem White People Music rite there
by Gatedear April 08, 2013
The female equivalent of fapping
Hold up girl, I gotta do a quick squish right quick
by Gatedear November 20, 2013

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