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3 definitions by Gatedear

When a black person listens to music made by a white person. When another black person finds out, it is considered "White People Music".
Bonqueshia: girl, what chu listening to (rolls her neck)
Moesha: that new Justin Bieber, girl (smacks her lips)
Bonqueshia: thats dem White People Music rite there
by Gatedear April 08, 2013
19 9
When a girl has on a strap on and a guy gives her a blowjob
Tom: I almost died last night!

Bill: Dude, what happened??
Tom: I gave this girl a plastic bj last night and I choked on her purple dick!
by Gatedear November 30, 2013
3 0
The female equivalent of fapping
Hold up girl, I gotta do a quick squish right quick
by Gatedear November 20, 2013
2 8