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Greek. Literally translates to "bend and lick". Basically equivalent to "blow me", "eat me", "suck it", etc.

Definitely not appropriate for romantic situations.
Skipse kai glipse, re malaka. (Blow me, jerkoff.)
by gamoto April 16, 2008
Greek for "fucker". Also used as a general exclamation to express anger (particularly angry frustration), disappointment, etc.--the same way "dammit" is used in English. (Although "gamoto" is NOT a literal translation of "dammit".)

It can also be used to address someone affectionately, but only between friends and/or those whom one is very familiar/friendly with.
Asto thialo re gamoto. (Go to hell fucker.)

Gamoto! Ekapsa to pastitsio! (Dammit! I burned the pastitsio! Popular Greek dish).

Pou eisai re gamoto? (Where you at fucker?) {used here in the familiar, friendly sense.}

by gamoto April 16, 2008
Greek: Literally translates to "ass-child." Generally used to describe a brat, or a child that indulges in stupid/disgusting behavior.
To soy pethi klanei mes' stin eclesia?? Golopetho!!

What kind of child farts in church?? Ass-child!!
by gamoto April 16, 2008
Greek for "The Juice Of Love." Can be used in reference to both male and female sexual fluids/excretions.
Eheis ti zoumi tis agapis sto pantdeloni sou. Se parakalo: rixe mia matia sta roucha sou prin ta vazeis. (You have cum on your pants. Please: take a look at your clothes before you put them on.)
by gamoto April 16, 2008

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