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(belizean origin) used to refer to something that is the shit(positively speakin). usually used when referring to somebody. meaning that they are cool.
Pancho: bouy u dih stin:)

Dino: neva men u dih stin:)
by garcskittles August 29, 2010
A stin is a person who enjoys becomingly beligerently drunk and getting into no less than three angry confrontations per night. A stin will tell you to "fuck yourslef" for something as simple as making eye contact with him.
1. Did you see that stin stick aguy in the face for not holding the door open for him?
by gigolomc January 23, 2011
A person who is popular but makes friends with people from all social groups. They aren't afraid to stick up for people, especially the underdog or those who are considered lame or uncool.
Dang, they really are stin.
by agraff04 September 01, 2014
A grey person who avoids social contact and light by playing video games in his/her basement.
"Yo dude lets go to the movies"
"I cant man I have a raid at 9"
"Don't be such a stin"
by Rossiafterbang July 17, 2014
An Asian guy or someone who looks Asian
Look at that Stin
That Asian is such a Stin
by MZX December 01, 2006

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