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2 definitions by g-blang

yo dis is me nigga! i be a straight up thug in my hood of marble gardens! yo check out the kickin tune i wrote bout livin in marble gardens nigga plz!
yo yo yo yo
by g-blang June 30, 2004
yo dis is g-blang, and im comin to tell you a song i wrote bout living in da ghetto of marble gardens! My heart be out to all my homies up at the starbucks on the cona!
yo, living in this hood aint great
these thugs and gangstas, all they do is hate
bana republic and starbucks is closed, i guess i gonna hop into my porsche and go
you never know what gonna happen here
might get sprayed wit a hose (yo you can get water in ya ear)
so im sayin take me out of this hard ghetto. all i gots a porsche and my crib and i cant take no mo'.
by g-blang June 17, 2004