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That's "cunt" in Portuguese.
by Duarte de Bragança July 28, 2003
Cona is Portuguese vernacular for vagina.
The most accurate English translation would be cunt.

Apparently it's also a common italian last name and an italian town (near Venice).
Levar na cona.
És um conas!
Mulher de cona funda.
#cona #portuguese #vernacular #italian #cunt
by Portu September 26, 2006
A sweet conference located in the blue ridge mountains of north carolina. takes place anually and is an extension of the ymca youth and government program
are you going to COna this year
a really nice guy who everyone loves and every girl wants to be with. He can always make you laugh when you are sad by doing small things like pulling funny faces. He is a good mate and will always defend you no matter what the problem. Although he can seem shy once you get to know him then all you can do is smile when you see him.
Girl: I so love cona
2nd girl: He is an amazing person...i think every girl loves him
Girl: -sigh- I wish he was my boyfriend
#cona #connor #conner #conna #conster
by <3m<3 December 12, 2009
that's cunt in galician and portuguese
me cago na cona que te pariu
#cona #cunt #coño #chocho #pussy #vagina
by shianno August 20, 2007
holy crap, that's my last name
holy crap, th at's my last name
by johnstamos69 April 28, 2005
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