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In hindsight he was right.The Communists did thoroghly infiltrate our government and the FDR administration.Today the Republicans advance the radical left's socialist agenda and the Democratic party everyone knows is openly socialistic.Hollywood is clearly radical leftwinged and actors are constantly injecting themselves into politics or spewing their radical leftist memes and agitprop.

"ACTORS" should not be allowed anywhere near politics.They are "ACTORS",they "play roles" in order to portray fantasy to the public.Politicians are supposed to be accountable to us and deal in facts and reality.To have an actor portraying a role is to deal the public fantasy and lies.It is the ultimate deception.
Joe McCarthy was probably himself a commie portraying a specific role and task on the way towards communizing this country.It was probably a deliberate misdirection ploy to misdirect the public's attention to later subtle communization tactics.
by fweep October 07, 2005

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