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4 definitions by fukgoombchicks

a total playa. A guy who just spits game nonstop.
-Did you see scully hitting on those sophomores last night?
-Yeah, he was being a total mackasaurus.
by fukgoombchicks November 10, 2009
17 2
When somebody asks you a question and you give them a typical bro answer.
-hey man, what you do yesterday?

-I drank a couple nadies and played some disc. Then me and my bros went and Cubed.

-That's such a brosponse.
by fukgoombchicks November 09, 2009
9 2
noun, a stereotypical bro.
Club lax is filled with brodestrians.

Did you see all those brodestrians next to the keg?
by fukgoombchicks June 15, 2010
1 0
those horrible red bumps you get after you shave your pubes.
-I did some manscaping last night and now i got the rumps.
-shit man, thats nasty.
by fukgoombchicks November 10, 2009
8 19