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A fag without fashion.
Yuck, look at those two Kmart fags. Why would you wear that in public, really gum boots and daisy dukes.
by fruit cup columbus June 06, 2010
a large male homosexual that likes to eat out the ass of other men.
I used to work with this ass piggy at Willy's So, he said that he did not care how fat he got as long as he remained bendy.
by Fruit cup columbus June 10, 2010
blood dripping from a vagina, or a depressed Buckeye fan
man i was rooting around in my girl's cellar when i noticed a scarlett hanger, I was like yuck. clean that shit first.
by fruit cup columbus May 27, 2010
a small homosexual male that is in a relationship with a larger homosexula male.
I had better check with little man before I say yes.
by fruit cup columbus June 06, 2010
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