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16 definitions by friday13

When a black dude marries or hangs around with white trash.

An interracial couple.
"Look Mommie there goes a shit sundae!"

"You racist slut!" *Slap*
by Friday13 July 16, 2010
When a guy looks down on his cock and discovers that its covered in blood because his girlfriend forgot to tell him she was on her period/rags.

Is also known as an ice-cream on a stick.
Dude! My girl Kate gave me a strawberry paddlepop!

WTF! You pulled out your cock and it had period blood all over it?

Yeh dude! The bitch gave me a strawberry paddlepop!

Whatta whore!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
The act of strutting about town like a cheap tart.
Kate!" "You've been sashaying yourself all around town to the point that you may get raped by a pack of niggers!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
When a lesbian has dried up piss around her cunt.
You oughta wash your cunt Kirstie, that's one nasty lemon pie u got!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
To find Al Gore in your toilet.
I was gobsmacked to find a Shanghai Surprise.
by Friday13 July 18, 2010
Anals beads is something you put in your arsehole and pull out one by one.

Also now known as a hot fashion accessory worn out in public, much like wearing a string of pearls.
Wow you and Kate are so kewl Brian, but next time wash those anal beads before you put them around your neck. It kinna smells and screams a Springer episode.
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
When a guy or girl has anal sex day and night.

To have anal sex more than 7 times a week.
Brian was a total anal queen. Brian just loved Texan cock and was a total arse bandit!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010