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A tornado of porn adds that bombards your system after viewing pornography or being lured into an enticing 'Grand Prize Winner' add.
Dude! Yesterday I was on myspace and there was this little window that said I won a car. So I clicked on it and totally got swept into a pornado, and then my mom came in!!

It so blew major chunks...
by foxiemoxie123 September 22, 2008
The level or sliding scale at which lies may be measured. And exclamation.
That's a 9 on my bogosity meter.

Eric's presentation was total bogosity.
by foxiemoxie123 September 22, 2008
The point in a cell phone conversation were one person begins loudly verbalizing their disapproval, discomfort, or other negative emotion. This person usually attracts a lot of attention, and surrounding public may be inclined to ask the person to quite down.
Oh man! Yesterday I was on a date with Lisa, when Stephanie called and told me she had STDs. I totally went yellular on her and rode her ass about how that was so not okay with me.
Then the waiter came and told me to take it outside, so I decked his ass and left.
by foxiemoxie123 September 22, 2008
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