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1) to work (esp. hard work like a builder etc. not really used for jobs like a lawyer but can be)

2) to function (if something grafts then it works, if it doesnt graft it is broken)

3) to steal
Ex. 1)
P1: you getting madded tonight?
P2: i cant ive got to be up early tomorrow for graft.

Ex. 2)
P1: let me show you this website i found its deadly
P2: you cant mate my shitty computer doesnt graft anymore.

Ex. 3) dosser thief: we off out on the graft tonight ive scoped the perfect gaf??
#deadly #scope #work #labour #steal
by forder89 April 19, 2010
1) to have spotted or noticed something.

2) to spy on or check out to make sure its ok.
Ex. 1)
P1: come look, ive just scoped the fittest bird!!
P2: wow she is fit but ive seen better.

Ex. 2)
P1: i need to get to the shops but i dont want to bump into laura
P2: ill go scope it out to see if she's working today
#fit #bird #gander #notice #see
by forder89 April 19, 2010
1) to lie or exaggerate
2) to steal
3) to be lucky
4) skillfully worm your way out of a tricky situation, or manage to cinvince someone that something is true. need charm and confidence to pull off.
P1: you should have come to the club last night, britney spears was there!!
P2: *in his head* why the fuck does he blag so much?? im obviously not gonna believe that!

Ex. 2
P1: where have you got all this money from suddenly?
P2: i blagged the corner shop and the till was full.

Ex. 3 - *guy throws a basketball the whole length of the court and makes the shot*
P1: you blagging bastard that was so lucky!!
P2: im just deadly hahaha

Ex. 4
P1: we going to the game tonight?
P2: i thought you had to look after the kids all day
P1: i blagged my way out of it and have got the day free now!!
#deadly #lie #steal #convince #talk
by forder89 April 19, 2010
1) to get absolutely off your head, usually on alcohol and drugs but can be used to mean just get pissed.

2) to be confused.
Ex. 1)
P1: this weekend is gonna be deadly!!
P2: i know i havent been madded in ages.

Ex 2)
david blaine: and now i will eat my own head twaa...
*eats his head*
P1: wow!! how the fuck did he do that????
P2: i dont know, that has just totally madded my head
#pissed #confused #alcohol #drugs #drunk
by forder89 April 19, 2010
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