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A smug explitive used by David Blaine at moments of extreme smugness.
"I will now eat my own head. Twaa...."
by Kyle/Eric May 10, 2006
A verbal utterance generally used in the tacit acknowledgement of some impressive feat or accomplishment performed by oneself.

Used to acknowledge one's own accomplishments or admirable, impressive or otherwise commendable actions in a way that trivialises them. Often used to imply that one's observed actions are modest in comparison to one's potential.
"Wow Gabe that was incredible how did you do that ZOMG!!"
by 5dollarhoody December 18, 2010
This Was All About
A: Yes, thats' right, Mike has his fingers in it...
B: So, TWAA..
by ....::::RIP::::..... July 11, 2008