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A slang term (correctly, "psych") that was big in the 1990s. It's similar in usage to adding "not" to the end of a statement that's meant to be either sarcastic, a joke, or both.
1. Sure, you can borrow my brand new car for the weekend. Psych!

2. Yeah, that shirt looks great on you. Not!

#psych #sike #1990s #'90s #90s #slang #sarcasm
by forced name November 24, 2007
A word commonly confused with "asocial".

Asocial means simply not being social (it does not imply hatred or negativity, only "absence"), while antisocial insinuates an active hostility or contempt for society as a whole.
Ignorant individual: "See that antisocial loner over there? He/she would rather stay at home and read than talk with me."

Person 2: "Don't you mean asocial?"

Ignorant individual: "What? Same difference."
#antisocial #asocial #social #misunderstanding #incorrect usage
by forced name November 21, 2007
Sexist term popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger used to manipulate males into conforming to arbitrary gender roles; an insult to both males and females.
"Don't be a girlyman, stop thinking women are equals!"
#sexist #arnold schwarzenegger #gender roles #manipulation #sexism
by forced name November 21, 2007
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