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Stupid **** 90% white school in Gurnee Illinois where everyone lacks intelegence including the teachers. Includes assholes,drugs,preps,and racists where you are in a prision full of whites.2 hours of homework are given on a dosage.Going to this school will make you more addicted to the couch. This school also worships George W Bush,and really likes to suck up money with overpriced taxes for a shitty school that isnt worth it. All who go here are guarenteed a one ticket to hell
GOD DAMMIT! WMS is a fucking prison filled with god damn shit whites who lack fucking intelegence! They make up stupidity with racism.Damn crackers!
by Fong March 21, 2004
Used in reference to women with large man-like bottom jaws, or a jutting lower lip.
The Jow's got a man-jaw
by fong April 09, 2005
when a friend finds something about a bitch incredibly hot even though theres nothing obviously attractive about her she becomes his lakrofskey.
Also Lakroff.
scotts lakrofskey has a big jaw
by fong April 09, 2005
to engage in the act of playing warcraft with an immigrant nerd
Fong said, "WAnt to war up?"
by fong February 23, 2004
An extreme amount of something. "Yin-Yang", in this sense, means roughly "asshole"
I have money coming out the yin-yang!!
by Fong March 09, 2003

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