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A life threatening condition developed in dogs. Also known as Gastric Tortion this is were the stomach doesn't empty properly, then swells with and gas and then twists. Any breed that has a deep and narrow chest is prone to this. This can be solved by medication if the stomach hasn't yet twisted. However once the stomach has twisted it can only be treated with an expensive operation. This is only if the condition is caught in the early stages. If conditions are gone unrecognised it could cause a certain and painful death.
"Dude i had to put my dog down last night"
"Because her stomach twisted the vet called it bloat"
by finnerty August 29, 2009
A breed of Akita that is similar to the Akita inu it even has the same origins. However it has slight difference which the americans have added to the breed to make it their own variation. They have a thick duoble coat and are heavy boned.
"Is your Akita japanese or american"

"Its an American Akita"
by Finnerty October 25, 2009
The Saarlooswolfhound was originaly bred by hte dutch breeder Leendert Saarloos in 1921. It is a strong imposing dog that has kept its wolf like appearance.

The Saarloos wolfhound was originaly a cross breed between a male German shepard and a female Eurasion Wolf. It si said that the saarlooswolfhound is only recommend for experianced owners.

the saarlooswolfhound can grown up to 30 inches at the shoulders and weighs up to 100lbs.

They are a very rare pure breed and can cost up to $2,000
"Dude you got a Saarlooswolfhound how much did that set you back?"

by Finnerty January 17, 2010
A villian in the kids show Teenage mutatnt ninja turtles the next mutation. He is the lord of a race of humaniod dragons that once ruled the planet before recorded history but was defeated and thrown in to a magic mirror. However in this series he is able to escape and he captures splinter. He is green, ugly, powerful and ruthless.
"I was watching an old series of TMNT last night"

"really wich one"

"the one with the dragon lord"
by Finnerty October 16, 2009
A song wich is the theme tune from the film Nightmare before christmas It has being performed by many artists.
"what is the opening to Hallooween"

"Oh i think it's boys and girls of every age, don't you want to see some thing strange..."
by Finnerty October 24, 2009
A fictional character in the teenage mutant ninja turtles the next mutation series. Dragon lord is the King of the Dragon men who are humanoid dragons but i guess you already got that by now. Any way Dragon lord and his army called the Rank used to rule the worl until they got trapped in to a magical looking glass. However some 15 thousand years years later they find their way in to the Dream scape and from their they make it back to our world. Dragon lord then wants to eat the turtles in order to become all powerful.

Dragon Lord also likes to call him self the supreme thunder lizard. As does his back stabbing servent Wick


"This is supposed to be a childs show"

"Yer why"

"Dragon lord just said he wants to eat the turtles"

by Finnerty February 20, 2010
A red headed character from Futurerama. He was frozen in the Year 2000 on new years eve. He was unfrozen 1000 years later. He then met Leela, bender and Dr Ziodberg along with a few other characters. In the the past he was a pizza delivery boy and his girl friend had just broken up with him. He hated his life and job in the past. Even though he again became a delivery boy in the future he claimed it was his was happy about that?? i don't know after all he is stupid.

In one episode he claimed that he had made out with a radiator 'girl' from the radiator planet, but to his disapointment and embarasment he was told that it was just a radiator lol.
"Dude Fry is my favourite character"


"because he's stupid"
by Finnerty October 25, 2009

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