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A hybrid between human and darlek created so the darlek race from the show Dr Who can survive.
Dalek Sec used himself as a lab rat in the final experiment and was turned into a human darlek.
by Finnerty October 10, 2009
A douche bag is:

A some thing a prostitue or any women uses to clean out their vagina after un protected sex.

B some one who is generaly not a very nice person and is nasty to every one around them. Generaly applied to guys but girls count as well.
Eww is that a douche bag.
by Finnerty May 27, 2010
A fictional character in the teenage mutant ninja turtles the next mutation series. Dragon lord is the King of the Dragon men who are humanoid dragons but i guess you already got that by now. Any way Dragon lord and his army called the Rank used to rule the worl until they got trapped in to a magical looking glass. However some 15 thousand years years later they find their way in to the Dream scape and from their they make it back to our world. Dragon lord then wants to eat the turtles in order to become all powerful.

Dragon Lord also likes to call him self the supreme thunder lizard. As does his back stabbing servent Wick


"This is supposed to be a childs show"

"Yer why"

"Dragon lord just said he wants to eat the turtles"

by Finnerty February 20, 2010
A famous vet who has his own TV show called zoo vet at large. He does a lot of work at flamingo land zoo. Also he hasa chain of veternary practises through out the country. One of them is in the small village of stamford bridge
"Dude i took my dog to the vets in Stamford bridge"

"That one is owned by Matt Brash that vet who is on zoo vet at large , i watch his shows all the time"

"I know"
by Finnerty November 22, 2009
This is usauly a dog thing. This is wear a dog is a mix between two different breeds. Some times mixed breeds are classed as different breed and are called designer dogs i.e. a cross between a cocker spaniels and a poodle is a cocker poo, a cross between a labrodor and a poodle is a labrodoole

However not all cross breeds are designer dog breeds. Some aren't even recognised as a breed but are recognised as a 'type' of dog these types include the lurcher wich is a cross between a greyhound and another sight hound
I have a border collie cross witha cockier spaniel, he completely mental cross breed.
by Finnerty October 24, 2009
Were you get really hungry and so eat loads. This can happen after smoking drugs usualy weed. How wold i know i have never done drugs.
i just smoked weed now i have the munchies.
by Finnerty August 28, 2009
An extremly fast super car that reaches up to 253.5 mph. That speed was verified on Top gear It has been said that even at top speed the Bugatti Veyron is comfertable and undramatic. Howevr it is expensive at nearly $1,0000
Every one glared as some turned up in a bugatti veyron and put their Lamboginis and ferraries to shame.
by Finnerty November 27, 2009

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