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an achilles is anyone who is a true fighter, someone who is always couragous no matter what the odds. an achilles will stick up for his mate in any fight and defend what is right with all his strength and skill. An achilles is also able to lead people like a hero.
that guy is such an achilles, he just fought off three bikers who stole his lady's handbag. he kicked there sorry asses!
#hero #warrior #fighter #greek #achiles
by filthy gee January 13, 2006
a blocky is when a bogan in a tryhard hotted up car drives around a block in a city over and over with the music turned up loud, trying to pick up a skanky ho. most people who do blockies are ferel retards who cant get a root and have to rely on their shit box car for a social life. many of these wankers come from launceston tasmania.
did u see that stupid bogan doing a blocky over there? he had shit gangsta music playing on his over priced speakers and was staring at everyone he drove past. he thought he was king shit.
#blockie #bogan #launceston #shit box #tryhard
by filthy gee January 10, 2006
the newest bloodhound gang album. it features the hit singles: foxtrot uniform charlie kilo and uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss
man hefty fine kicks ass! it only took them about five years to release new material.
#heftyfine #jimmy pop #evil jarred #uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss #farting with a walkman on
by filthy gee December 31, 2005
fly fishing is when after she finishes sucking away the guy grabs his rock hard cock and flicks it up and down making the jism look like the line off a rod when someones fly fishing.
i went fly fishing last night and with one cast i caught three sheilas!
#fishing #fishingline #fli fishin #fly #axel
by filthy gee January 04, 2006
the yanks didnt single handedly turn the tide in the pacific. midway and the battle of the coral sea was fought with australia and the USA combining there forces to create a battle fleet to counter-attack the japs.
the allied victory was all thanks to all the countries involved in the alliance, not just the yanks
by filthy gee August 28, 2005
a panda is when you get punched in the eye and it goes black and so you look like an endangered asian black and white bear.
"did you see suzie's face after last nights party? her boyfriend gave her the panda of her life coz he was drunk off his tits"
#panda #pandaz #asian bear #endanged #nearly dead
by filthy gee December 31, 2005
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