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Based on full service refueling at gas stations in oregon, where the driver is not allowed to pump his or her own gas.

In this context here the Oregonian BJ is a full service Blow Job, where the woman does all the work from start to finish, from unzipping and de-belting, to cleaning up and re-pantsing.

Can also be called an Oregonian
Me: Dude, I totally got An Oregon BJ this morning!!!
Dude: NO WAY!!!
by figbush September 14, 2009
A dress a girl purchases for the sole intention of looking hot and go out in. Usually purchased some time before going to Las Vegas, and most oftentimes worn with Vegas Shoes, and cannot be substituted with anything else.

It's not uncommon for the dress to never be worn again.
We drove all the way to Vegas and my girlfriend just realized that she forgot her Vegas Dress, that's why she's crying uncontrollably... I guess she'll be stuck in the room naked then... Perhaps I'll stay in too....
by figbush May 01, 2013
Brand new shoes a girl buys with the only intention of looking hot in Las Vegas.
My girlfriend realized she forgot her Vegas shoes when we got to the hotel. I guess she'll have bare feet up in the air tonight.
by figbush May 01, 2013

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