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1 definition by ffbhdfkbgdhfbkj

big-bellied whore.
It is commonly thought it stands for 'big beautiful woman' but, wtf people, use your heads! As someone already pointed out it is an oxymoron. It's just sad to think that people these days have such low standards as to think that being overweight actually makes someone BEAUTIFUL. I'm no anorexic, nor i am in any way supporting those who are, but please. think about it. being an obese tub of lard isn't attractive.
bbw: ONG LAWLZZ HAI ONG aReNt I SoOoOO HaWt WiT mY bElLy DoWn 2 MaI nEeZ!!1

guy: OMFG!! *bleaches eyes* that leather-thong-bikini-suit-thing is not flattering!!! the BMI charts dont lie, bitch!
by ffbhdfkbgdhfbkj May 13, 2008