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A combination between a jazz lover and a bastard!
Look at Matt listening to Fats Waller, what a complete jazztard!
by Fete November 22, 2005
'A spectacular assisted back flip usually seen at major events such as Weddings, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs'

'A back flip performed by someone who clearly can't back flip'

'A back flip reminiscent of how fictional detective Hercule Poirot might perform the stunt'
On the dance floor after the wedding Dave is gradually rotated head over feet thus completing the Billsy-Backflip!
by Fete July 07, 2010
Geographically accurate Tapas!
Tapas that is correct for the region in which it is being served,


A map based dish!

"Umm! That's good Mapas"
by Fete October 27, 2005
Japanese Tapas - almost identical to, and often confused with, sushi!
Person A: "This sushi is a bit like tapas, but from Japan!"

Person B: "What you mean Japas? Japanese Tapas...?"

Person A: "Possibly...?!"
by Fete May 04, 2009
The Moomins are a bunch of tax dodging, work shy, hippo-like troll creatures from Finland. The word moomin is used to highlight or berate such people who, like the Moomins, consistantly avoid contributing to the welfare state!
"Look at that moomin getting his Giro!"


"I'm not giving you any 'bus-fare' you bloody moomin!"
by Fete November 08, 2005
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