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28 definitions by ferret

Surname of Bill Leeb. Front man for the bands Front Line Assembly and Delerium.

An electronic legend.
"Bill Leeb frikking owns!"
by Ferret November 01, 2004
An individual or group of individuals with a fresh & creative idea or concept which starts out funny, but gradually becomes tired and lame due to extreme lack of effort and true creative abilities.
those GI Joe PSA videos on the internet were pretty damn funny until the guy started being a fensler.
by ferret April 23, 2004
Newcastleiens are fucking stupid
Stupid fuck, He must be a Newcastleien.
by ferret December 08, 2003
The red this is the seed, you can take it out and put in things like salmon and... come to think of it salmons the only thing.
by Ferret June 28, 2003
The coolest, yet retarded, white guy in the world. Raised by a cup of coffee and somehow connected to Homestar, they both have no arms. Its hat seems to always return to its head.
Hey Reggie, is there a Rhinoceroes around?!
by Ferret June 06, 2003
a sinister older sibling, most often an older brother
ow! stop it steve, your such an annoying smay!
by ferret December 14, 2003
Something that cost a lot, or more than expected. Used when expressing surprise or concern over the price of something.
Hey that was a big lick. I thought it would be less than that.

Well I can’t afford it now after the lawyers fees that was a big lick
by Ferret March 21, 2005