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To steal or take something that does not belong to you
i didn't have money for lunch so i had to ghank it from a nerd.
by felicsaurus October 22, 2008
randomly adding "ism" to the end of a word to make yourself or the word sound cool.
felicia: hey, i got seth a body waxing kit for graduation. wanna help me wax his chest?
mick: that's not weird at all (sarcasism)
felicia: you spelled sarcasm wrong
mick: i spell words how i want to, i call them mickleisms.
by felicsaurus June 06, 2009
A group of males getting together to "hang out". Clothing is optional but most often not worn. If someone does wear it, there's very little worn and it ends up off of the person anyway.Generally on a friday night or during the weekend, but there are occurences of week day festivities on rare occasions. Good times.
Tyler: Davey plus 2+ guys is always a sausagefest.. he is fun though (no homo)
Felicia: Davey alone is a sausagefest
Tyler: Yeah, especially at our taco parties. There's like 8-10 guys and Davey often utters the phrases "there's ass to pay" and "sausagefest"
Felicia: It sounds like you guys really enjoy your sausagefestivities.
by felicsaurus June 02, 2009

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