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Mus‘ab accepted Islam at a time when life had been made unbearable for Muslims. He was turned out of his home and was socially boycotted. He had to suffer countless miseries. This pampered young man embraced Islam at a time when those who believed in Islam were refused food and water and were thrown in dark prison cells. Many bloodthirsty tyrants, not satisfied with the infliction of pain and injury, often murdered their Muslim victims. There were other hard-hearted fellows who had invented various forms of torments, to inflict on the Muslims.

Mus‘ab accepted Islam during that difficult period. One day a non-believer saw him offering prayers. He at once informed Mus‘ab's parents who turned hostile to their son. His mother's affection vanished. All the love and care of his father changed into anger and grief. They admonished him, but when they knew that he was firm, they tied him with ropes and threw him in a dark cell. He was kept in prison for a long time, but his belief in Islam was so deep that the torment of prison did not change his mind. He sacrificed everything and remained patient.
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by fasdfas April 28, 2008
Assan Abdullah Khan
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Assan Abdullah Khan (born 24 October 1984) is one of the suspects arrested in the UK in connection to the 2006 transatlantic aircraft terrorist plot in the United Kingdom, and one of the nineteen whose accounts were frozen by the Bank of England.1He recently set up a company Epic Contributions with Umair Hussain, another suspect accused in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft terrorist plot.Assan Abdullah Khan is currently held in custody without chargeedit Timeline10th August 2006 Suspect arrested by British authorities.11th August 2006 Assets are frozen by the Bank of England and name published.
7th September 2006 Released without Cha
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by fasdfas April 28, 2008

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