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5 definitions by fallinouttadabox

A girl so ugly and repulsive that when she walks into the room any guy who had an erection immediately goes flacid.
"Yo, I was at this party with all these chicks, but then this boner killer walked into the room, and I went completely limp."
by fallinouttadabox September 02, 2008
1. How attractive and/or easy a girl is
2. The probability of hooking up with a decent looking female at a party, defined on a scale from one to ten

2*(number of attending decent looking females)/(number of attending decent looking males)

(if you actually bother to figure it mathematically, consider the booty potential for yourself 0)
"Yo Matt, what's the booty potential on that bitch?"
"Prolly like a 3, she ain't giving up anything!"

"Eli, you trying to go to Walker's party tonight?"
"Hell no! The booty potential is barely 1, it's a sausage fest!"

"'ey Rob, what's the booty potential?"
"Shit mayne, it's off the charts!"
by fallinouttadabox August 31, 2008
A person so wonderful that when you try to describe it, your words get all tangled up and you just have to stop to take a breath.
See that girl over there? She's wondel...
by fallinouttadabox June 14, 2009
A sarcastic expression addressing someone who looks or acts in an unbecoming way. They never understand...
Person 1: Nice pants
Person 2: Thanks! I thought my mom's neon green spandex would make an excellent fashion statement today even though I'm a 25 yearold male.

Person 1: Nice pants
Person 2: Does that mean you want to sleep with me?
by fallinouttadabox April 09, 2009
The combination of a wet willy and one's own willy. Where a male puts his penis in someone's ear for pure comedic effect.
Guy 1: Dude I just gave a girl a willy willy.
Guy 2: Once you go black, you go deaf.
by fallinouttadabox May 25, 2009