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Maria Sharapova, the 2004 Wimbledon champion
Maria Sharapova is a Russian goddess
by fafaf00ley July 24, 2004
way overpriced vodka drunk by pseudo connoisseurs.
9 out of 10 grey goose drinkers can't tell what's in their drink.
by fafaf00ley February 01, 2005
The new CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio. Friend and former boss of Howard Stern.
Mel and Howard on Sirius? That is the end of broadcast radio, dude!
by fafaf00ley November 22, 2004
Mel Karmazin, new CEO of Sirius satellite radio. Mel, a long-time radio executive with CBS/Infinity and a Howard Stern supporter, followed Stern to the satellite radio company.
Mel Karmazin and Howard Stern on Sirius radio -- that is the death of conventional broadcasting!
by fafaf00ley November 18, 2004
The way Gary Dell'Abate addresses Howard Stern
"I'm sorry, boff! I didn't mean to do that..."
by fafaf00ley July 24, 2004
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