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noun; an excessively skanky person, bringing sleaziness to a mehodical and relentless level almost as if he/she were a machine whose sole programmed routine involved being easy, forward, and generally skanky whore.
That boy with whom you cheated on me last week and now won't call you back? he's a skankatron and you should go get yourself to the clinic. Oh yeah by the way, you couldn't pay me to toss that ass of yours now.
by ewp January 27, 2004
noun; oral sex performed on a male.
Baby, i'm feeling a bit uptight. Can I get a slobber knobber jobber from you?
by ewp January 27, 2004
noun: a form of political power structure where the oil wealthy are the dominant powers.
The United States was founded as a constitutional democratic republic, but in more recent years has transformed into a thinly veiled oleogarchy.
by ewp January 27, 2004

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