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The 'art' of spunking in your partners hair whilst she sleeps, and waking up in the morning with hair á la Ken Dodd.
I Ken Dodded your mum.

I tommy tanked over my mrs last night and it went in her hair. Now she loooks like Ken Dodd
by evil_moses January 10, 2009
The definition of a complete twat, acting in a manner considered too gay for normal society, or somebody who you just down right wanna punch.
My mate Shaun went out last night and pulled this Aussie bloke. What a cheeseboard.

This cheeseboard was pissing everyone off last night, so I munged his gran.
by evil_moses May 06, 2010
Term to describe a lesbian. i.e someone who like rimming quim.
I just discovered my sister's mate is a quim-rimmer. Wonder if she'll let me watch?
by evil_moses May 06, 2010
An entertaining way of concluding business during sex. Ensure you are banging a girl (preferably someone who loves you) from behind, and then spit on their back.

Proceed to pulling out of your partners quim, spinning her around and then hitting her in the face with the money shot. Her reaction will be the perfect impression of a moaning zombie (as in, cum = melting flesh, moan in response to your actions).
Yesterday, I moaning zombie'd your mum.

This fat bitch was fucking me off during sex, so I hit her with the moaning zombie.
by evil_moses January 10, 2009

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