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5 definitions by evil0verl0rd

A long-drawn corporate presentation full of jargon and acronyms that doesn't make any point.
Dave - Damn, I dozed off in the middle of the presentation, What'd I miss?

Matt - Nothing much, it was pretty much powerpointless.
by evil0verl0rd October 23, 2009
8 0
To be pwned by a typo. This often happens to Grammar Nazis and suchlike.
<random_guy_1>:Dude, that's now how yuo spell 'Cathedral'.
<random_guy_2>:Dude, that's not how you spell 'you'. Typowned!
by evil0verl0rd January 29, 2009
7 2
Action or words where you end up pwning yourself; the process where this happens.
Unnamed_Player: Are you like staking me or something, you've killed me three times in a row!

Noob: I can't help it, you keep coming all over me. I mean...Urmmmm, never mind!

Unnamed_Player: Haha! auto-pwn!
by evil0verl0rd April 29, 2009
4 0
Person with an intense dislike for his school/university.
Dave: Dude, why was Derek cheering for the other team?
Ed: Haven't you heard? He's a total alma hater.
by evil0verl0rd June 03, 2010
3 0
A speech that the boss keeps making over and over again. From the Lat. ad nauseum
Dave: Dude, heard the boss chewed you out.
Ed: Yeah man, he just went on saying the same old things ad bosseum.
by evil0verl0rd June 03, 2010
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