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Something that everyone knows really did happen, but pretends never did, because it was so awful, or everyone is in denial
Norton: How was Easter brunch with your fiance's entire family, including the crazy ones?
Kramden: Highlander Two, dude. Never happened.
Norton: But I saw it on the news, there was a fight, and a fire...
Kramden: Highlander Two!
Norton: And the helicopters, and the swat team...
by evadgib June 21, 2010
The fear that something you're really looking forward to will be a huge disappointment. A mixture of high hopes and pessimism from past experience. Applicable to events, the next book or movie in a series, and particularly to movie adaptations. Especially prevalent if people involved have a poor track record.

Anticidread turns to anticipointment if the worst does indeed come to pass.
I had a lot of anticidread about the office Christmas party after last year, but the boss wasn't there this time, and it was great.

I'm really anticidreading the Suicide Squid movie. Mickey Rooney is perfect casting to play him, but I've heard they threw out most of the comic book continuity, and changed the origin. Also, it's the same director as Barbie vs. Predator, so I don't know if he can pull it off.
by evadgib January 20, 2012
A charge that is not yet a criminal offense, but should be. Deliberately mis-stating how long something will take, how much it will cost, or how difficult it will be.

Originated by Larry Miller and Colonel Jeff Fox.
Tim: It's real close, an easy 5-10 minutes hike.
David (after a 30 minute hike straight up the side of a mountain): That wasn't 10 minutes!
Tim: I knew if I told you the truth, you wouldn't do it.
David: That's an intentional false estimate. You should be in jail, asshole.

Her: We just have to stop in at the party and say "hi". 30 minutes tops.
Him (2 hours later): 30 minutes!? 30 minutes?! Intentional false estimate!
Her: Just like, "the game will be over in 5 minutes?"
by Evadgib December 12, 2011

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