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Women's Vagina in Spanish.
Little Red Toti-locks walked in the Forest when the big bad wolf came and Ate her Toti.
by nino193 January 16, 2009
A Man with a big dick
The ladies call him Mr. Toti
by mr dreeme September 06, 2008
A Gorgeous Pussy on a female.
I was rubbing Julyssa's Toti All night long. I could never get enough of that toti.
by Dj TOTI August 25, 2009
Slang for vagina.
I don't think I feel ok with something like the IUD hanging out in my totis. My area is very sensitive.
by Totis Advocate January 12, 2012
In Spain, man with a small dick.
Disapointed woman talking to friends: "I didn't know he was such a toti, it was so small I thought it was a peanut."
by internetmaster August 05, 2014
(from the Latin Toiusdas)

*Coqui (common frog found in Puerto Rico) whit braces

*Term used in Comerio, Puerto Rico to describe a person or thing out of the ordinary boundaries of cool, in few words that one is Super cool or Kick ass.
*He is a Pure Blooded king of Toti.

*You earn you title of toti.

*Juan our founding father was the one how studied the Dark arts of toti
by REDTIGER6784 February 27, 2009
TOTI, short for, Toasted On The Inside, refers to the feeling of being so baked, drunk, or high that you become Toasted On The Inside.
Cheech hit the bong so hard he got TOTI and went to Jack In The Box for a Munchie Meal.
by kingcron December 04, 2014

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