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Women's Vagina in Spanish.
Little Red Toti-locks walked in the Forest when the big bad wolf came and Ate her Toti.
by nino193 January 16, 2009
A Man with a big dick
The ladies call him Mr. Toti
by mr dreeme September 06, 2008
In Spain, man with a small dick.
Disapointed woman talking to friends: "I didn't know he was such a toti, it was so small I thought it was a peanut."
by internetmaster August 05, 2014
A Gorgeous Pussy on a female.
I was rubbing Julyssa's Toti All night long. I could never get enough of that toti.
by Dj TOTI August 25, 2009
Slang for vagina.
I don't think I feel ok with something like the IUD hanging out in my totis. My area is very sensitive.
by Totis Advocate January 12, 2012
(from the Latin Toiusdas)

*Coqui (common frog found in Puerto Rico) whit braces

*Term used in Comerio, Puerto Rico to describe a person or thing out of the ordinary boundaries of cool, in few words that one is Super cool or Kick ass.
*He is a Pure Blooded king of Toti.

*You earn you title of toti.

*Juan our founding father was the one how studied the Dark arts of toti
by REDTIGER6784 February 27, 2009