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it all sort of depends on your definiton of virgin, whether oral/anal/vaginal are all forms or just traditional vaginal, etc. but in this case we're going with vaginal. a virgin whore is generally a young girl who goes out with a lot of guys and would seem like the type to go the distance (vaginal), like a slut or whore or whatnot, but instead will only blow the guys (oral) or receive anal. while never getting traditionally penetrated. so it's like they're remaining a sort of virgin as an image but still abusing the other parts of sex. for whatever reason.
whole and pure yet..not.
by etchasketch February 16, 2004
to take and break down what's already been used and then make it into something else that appears brand new.
it's for you.
by etchasketch January 05, 2004
when bad people put bad things into your food and make you sick
"i called in sick because of food poisoning"
by etchasketch November 23, 2003
a thought, plan, notion, anything that is conjured up in the brain and sometimes put into action and/or shared with the rest of the crowd.
when you get an idea the lightbulb over your head turns on and glows a pretty yellow
by etchasketch January 07, 2004
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