35 definitions by etchasketch

musical performers whose group name has the word "the" in front of some significant (?) word. popular from the 60s and 70s, used now as a pathetic heroic comeback.
the used, the beatles, the starting line, the..
by etchasketch January 07, 2004
a campaign started for the result of kurt cobain & courtney love's marriage to save her from the curiosity-hungry fans
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
someone who has intercourse with child-bearers
"your dad is a motherfucker"
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
a fruit, not a vegetable. plural is "tomatoes"
"tomatoes are my friends, and my friends' friends"
by etchasketch November 17, 2003
when manliness swings around...aka the hanging/drop of testicles.
"did you see the swingman on that guy?? you could put an eye out with that type of shit!"
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
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