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The crusty brown material that gets transferred to the rear of the toilet seat or underwear, resulting from the accumulation of fecal matter at the top of an unclean, too-far-rear-wiping person's ass crack.
I almost sat in the hefty butt smudge that you left on the seat!
by Etch August 15, 2006
One's hot when the other's not. A relationship mismatched on the level of attractiveness.
Dude's totally in an interfacial marriage. Have you seen the woofer he has settled with?
by Etch May 02, 2007
An African American that uses proper English, without a southern accent, and speaks in Ebonics only when surrounded by niggas.
Only TV negroes are hired as network news anchors.
by Etch July 16, 2006
Verb, 1. To defecate. Noun, 1. A turd. 2. The sound a turd makes when it hits the drink.
The sandwich was so filling that I have to baloomp now.
by Etch July 15, 2006
Very self-explanatory... Simply, a picture of a bitch!
Nasty cyber-bitch, you! If you'd really like to hook up, you'd better email your bitchure.
by Etch September 07, 2006
Exaggerated lips on the mouth of beautiful woman which appear to entice a male member.
"She's got a nice set of doorknob-sucking lips, and I wish she'd just 'plant them tulips' on my crank."
by Etch September 07, 2006
(from Malbo) Fr. pseudo-derivitive of connection. Pronounced "cah-NAY". A person who supplies and/or sells illicit or controlled substances or black market merchandise.
After I hook up with the connet, we can get the party started.
by Etch July 14, 2006

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