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Verb,t: To plug up the toilet. The character Al Bundy, played by Ed O'Neil in the 90's sitcom "Married with Children" almost always plugged the toilet when he moved his bowels.
I'm so sorry... I've Bundy'd your toilet! Got a plunger?
by Etch July 19, 2006
Refers to a man's heavily-stubbled face, so named for the possible pain inflicted upon a woman's lips or thighs.
I don't wanna hurt you with my cactus face, so I suppose I'll jus' kiss your ass.
by Etch July 19, 2006
A term used to describe the introduction of drugs, especially meth, into a hopefully unsuspecting user by way of the rectum, using a kitchen turkey baster, syringe (WITHOUT the needle), eyedropper or any such instrument, to administer the substance. Apparently the anus contains a concentration of capillaries and this method purportedly replicates intravenous administration.
"I turned out all my hos by first turkey bastein' the bitches' asses!"
by Etch September 09, 2006
Anything such as a sheet, blanket, sleeping bag, trash bag, etc., which might prevent one from contact with a soiled couch, especially on upholstery soiled with sweat, sex juices or butt smudges. Much in the same way a pillow case or a t-shirt can protect one from a filthy pillow.
"Both Cyka's aunt and Booby have had real nasty sex right there. You'll probably want to throw down a couch condom before you rest your dizzy head there."
by Etch September 08, 2006
Big-rig trucker jargon for a person hired to travel with the driver for the purpose of helping to load and unload the cargo container.
The guy is a gypsy of sorts, and finds occasional work as a lumper at truck stops across the nation.
by Etch December 12, 2007
Any unusually extra large turd. Picture it: coiled three times, with a hot steamy stench rising from it.
I feel 20 pounds lighter, now that I've Bundy'd your crapper with a 3 coil steamer.
by Etch July 19, 2006
Exaggerated lips, such as those seen on an African. Also can refer to overdeveloped labia minora/majora, a condition which can develop on the vulva of a super-experienced ho, indicating a high-mileaged hole.
"You see the innertube lips on that shiftless nigger?"
by Etch September 07, 2006
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