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a dumbass person, someone who is implied to suck dick, hence why he is a dicksuck.
look at alex underwear, he's such a fucken dicksuck
by esteban bag October 10, 2004
the space between the wangalang and the anus
my gooch just fell off man, you go on without me ill catch up when i can find some wood glue.
by esteban bag October 17, 2004
a fisics teacher about 3 inches tall, wears size 3xl jackets, gangsta pants, and is probably packin 2 nines in his jacket, hence the need for such a large one, also, it is believed that several explosives, c4, an m82a1, a gas mask, some porno mags, and a small child are hiding in that fucken immense clothing
lets go paste pictures of that small old man onto the bodies of weird people!
by esteban bag October 24, 2004
it is when you either grab small head man by the legs and swing him at people, causing his head to collide into their body at very high speeds.

or you simply find small head man and beat the shit out of him
hey, lets go find smalley and give lev a small head man beatdown
by esteban bag October 10, 2004
the wrong way to spell fabio
fabio has a COOL leather jacket, smells like SHIT, and is super cool
by esteban bag October 26, 2004
do you want to go to mak donalds
ur mom is fat and her bonch is fat too
by esteban bag October 26, 2004
he will rape you if you lay a finger on him so screw off
look its chuck norris, lets get his autograph but make sure he doesnt kick your ass.
by esteban bag October 17, 2004

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