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adjective and noun. gender neutral. singular and plural. someone who is fabulously a fob; someone who is an extreme fob
Homeboy 1: Yo Homes, check out that dude over there.
Homeboy 2: Which one?
Homeboy 1: The brotha' who can't speak a word of English, is wearin the gold rimmed glasses, is mad skinny, has got the polo shirt tucked into those dress pants he wears everyday, and has a crew cut.
Homeboy 2: Hahaha. That dude is such a fob.
Homeboy 1: Naw, bro'. He's fobio.
by Semmie K April 23, 2005
An acronym for Frequently Outwitted By Inanimate Objects. Related to the French saying "Les choses sont contre nous" or "things are against us". See "Report on Resistentialism" by Paul Jennings, a parody of the existentialist movement of the early 20th century. resistentialism
The job would have been done in 10 minutes if I hadn't been fobio.
by Joe Menacker December 11, 2007
the wrong way to spell fabio
fabio has a COOL leather jacket, smells like SHIT, and is super cool
by esteban bag October 26, 2004

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