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We are Anonymous, and we do not forgive. Forgiveness requires humility, humility requires dignity. We have neither.

We are void of human restraints, such as self respect and common sense.

All those who break this pact will be eliminated without hesitation. And by elimination we will put their name on an icky photo and shit in each others' mouths.

Those who perform reckless actions or wish to harm the Anonymous will be eliminated without hesitation. Again, elimination is our word for doing very little about it.

Failure is the basis of our existence.

Enemies of the Anonymous include anyone who can point out how many times we contradict ourselves in a single sentence.

Our enemies are to be flaccidly made fun of, using the same tired photoshopped stuff stolen from someone else.

Anonymous must "work" as one. No Anonymous knows anything.

Betrayal of Anonymous is both ironic and appropriate.

Manipulation of the weak and innocent is something that the truly weak believe indicates power, as such we do it alot. Not well but, often. Once a victim is no longer commodious, they are to be eliminated. Also, the cow was slaughtered in the abattoir.

REPRODUCE. REPRODUCE. REPRODUCE. Like cockroaches and Catholics we need to make sure our stupidity is at least backed by numbers. Quantity over quality. Loud = Funny.

No man-made or natural occurance can harm the Anonymous. Except when Mom and Dad ground us from the computer. That's pouting time.

Under no circumstances are Anonymous human. We are beneath humans and mortality.

Anonymous are not to partake in meaningless tasks....pffft Ahhh dude I'm totally shitting ya, that's all we do.

You are legion, for we are many. That makes it easier to defend ourselves when smart people tell us to stop acting like idiots.

Anonymous is everywhere at all times, we like to loiter. we really have nothing better to do than hang out. Yet, singular Anonymous are not permitted to know everything. Which is good, because we know very little.

All have the potential to be Anonymous until they choose to drop a bag of fertilizer on their nutsack and grow a pair. Those who are not Anonymous are to be eliminated....or photoshopped into a nasty photo which ever one requires less standing and walking. Or hack a paypal account and charge PS3's, send massive amounts of cowardly and empty death threats or, whatever weak ass "criminal" act we think will make us appear powerful.

Anonymous has no weakness or flaw. Well, except maybe getting laid. That ain't happening. And a whole bunch of others. But besides crippling personality flaws, body odor, lack of humor, not getting laid and relying on shock value and memes to speak for us...we have only a few more flaws and weaknesses.

Laws of Nature and Man cannot restrain the Anonymous. However, an IP ban, power outage or, a light punch to the solar plexus can drop us like a bag of bad habits.

Anonymous is Zero. Feuding and argument amongst the Anonymous is both constant and unavoidable.

Anonymous is in control at all times. We just choose to waste all of it.

Anonymous has no identity. Those who are not Anonymous yet know our presence must be eliminated. Again and, I can not stress this enough people, "eliminate" means sitting on our asses all day pretending to jerk off to Goatse, while our mothers yell at us to get jobs.

Anonymous cannot be contained by mere restraints. We are far too fat to fit any normal conveyance, handcuffs or standard size airline seats.

Anonymous are all equally stupid. No one is more retarded then Anonymous.

Anonymous must obey the Code. Those who do not are to be raped with our mighty e-peens, until supper time and homework, then an hour of Gameboy before bedtime.

Anonymous worships nothing because anonymous is nothing.

Anonymous cares for nothing, but Anonymous. Our existence is vapid, myopic and limited.

Humanity is the virus; Anonymous is the open wound that invites it in.

We are Anonymous, and we do not realize how little we matter.
Anonymous are arrogant children who believe cyber terrorism is a great way to attack those who have the nerve to use their own ridiculous hypocritical beliefs against them.
Or Scientology, they really hate Scientology. Never mind that they're an equally stupid cult who believes tormenting people is perfectly ok.
In short, pussies.
by Esper777 April 05, 2009

30-something white trash youtube troll.
Spends copious amounts of time "pissing off" strangers on youtube (which, if you don't know, is the premiere place for loudmouth morons to spew hate rhetoric about such edgy targets as: Jews, Niggers, Fags, Emos, Liberals, Furries, Fags and Fags)

Desperate for attention, Ultraforge lives to piss people off. He adheres to the age old ignorant opinion, that the internet is some fantasy land where assholes can pop a squat and shit in public all day long.

In actuality, Ultraforge, is an atypical bored, suburban, married chode, with tons of time and internet access.

In between Nascar, WWE and beating his wife -due to his impotent, wretched existence- Ultraforge takes out his aggression from the safety of his PC, like most Youtube assclowns. He lacks talent, humor, or the personality to garner attention so, he sadly resorts to insults a 6th grader would pass on.

He also tends to cry like a bitch when someone blocks him from their channel or, someone trolls him.

His most common enemies, are 13 year old girls, emos, furries and, people with an ounce, or more, of dignity. Only easy targets that, require little effort or courage to assault. In short, he's a titanic pussy. An impotent weakling taking cheat shots from his trailer.

He's far too much of a pussy to hit anyone with clout so he settles for light weight shit. Thus, he is a joke to trolls. He is however, strong enough to deny the obvious fact that he has no life.

Typical of shock value losers, he fills his profile with "shocking" quotes and images, like giving the finger (oooh my delicate sensibilities!) and the old "Yeah I love pissing people off!" admittance.

He apparently belongs to a group of "dedicated trolls" Which, might actually be the saddest thing I've ever read.

A member of the FCTC, which is a little boys club for poser trolls who brag about trolling like children brag about Pokemon collecting. Ultraforge uses inane rants about such hot button topics as Juggalos, furries and Jonas Brothers fans. Even most trolls hate these losers.

They needed to hype themselves with a weak ass ED entry and were properly beaten into the ground for it.

What this means is that a few of his equally bored, dead inside, Dale Earnhardt jr. KFC bucket collecting, frog sticking, toe losing, cousin fucking buddies, shout "fag" in unison at strangers on teh interwebz for hyucks.

If he weren't a grown man, this might be acceptable. However, this sad sack is actually married with a child on the way. He's even featured his wife as trophy and hid behind his own child to justify his pathetic obsession with stupid sub cultures.

He also tends to spam the same lame responses of "internet superhero" and the oft misused "Strawman" words he learned on ED.

The amazing thing is, many of his video's exhibit massive, blatant emo tendencies. Such as, waxing poetically about how emos don't deserve the right to live and, similar over the top prose about whatever sub-culture has his little panties in a twist this week.

If emos allow their emotions to override reason, than surely a grown man who produces dozens of videos to bitch and whine about them, is guilty of the same thing.

But what good troll isn't a raging hypocrite?

Hopefully, when his unfortunate spawn grows up, changes their name and moves out of the trailer, they can show the world that even though they were brought into the world by a hateful, little man-child, they can still amount to something. Even if, mommy and daddy were turned down for promotions at the dirt factory.
Ultraforge is a prime example of the Internet Fuckwad Theory.
by esper777 May 17, 2009
Fried Chicken Trolling Crew

A group of pathetic 20-30-somethings who fancy themselves organized trolls.

They admit/brag to trolling, right off the bat they fail hard.

This implies that they're a bunch of bored, tools who think trolling is just the neatest thing EVAR. so they all make cute little trolling t-shirts and all have a cool trolling clubhouse.

Kinda like suburban white guys who fancy themselves bikers.

They LOVE Youtube. Pretty much the moron capital of the Internet. If you want to scream nigger or fag at strangers, Youtube is THE place to be.

They LOVE Furries. So much so that they keep up to speed on their subculture more than furries do. It's creepy actually. Furries are odd enough but an obsessed furry stalker with a web cam and no one around to say "Dude, who gives a shit?" is even more frightening.

Instead of going after big targets. These hillbillies hit the same groups High Schoolers have already covered for a decade. Emo, Vampires, Otherkin, Furries, etc.

You know, all the shit we stopped giving a damn about once we left our parents' basements.

Basically I group of bored, arrogant ma-children rilin' up strangers for attention. It MIGHT be acceptable, if they were kids.

They're totally edgy and cool. They take pictures giving the finger, dude. You don't even know.
Ultraforge is a member of the FTCT, easily identified by the traditional "baseball cap and the wife-beater combo" he was married in. Like the other FCTC members, he spends his time between Nascar and Truck Pulls pissing off weirdos on Youtube.
by esper777 May 15, 2009
Yet another self described (and thus failer than you) Youtube trolling group.

Led by some annoying, bored little attention whoring brat by the name of Mechadefta. Claims himself a cyborg (which is retarded to point of self-parody) Most likely a 90lb. twenty year old virgin for life, living in his parents' basement or, a 300lb. forty year old man living in his parents' basement.

These chicken shit pussies spend a lot of time, like most Youtube trolls, screaming profanity and trying to play the big bad internet villains.

Like all youtube whore-troll little boy clubs, they claim to "destroy" people. People who seem to still exist and seem to have had absolutely no harm done to them at all.

Fancy that. Pussies who post crappy shit on youtube can't actually do anything of value.

Delusional self worth, delusional skill and delusional power, followed by delusional self-pronounced victory. (the hallmark of the youtube troll)

All in a pathetic attempt to get anyone to come back and give them the attention they so desperately need.
Defta is yet another example of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory in full force on Youtube, the internet fuckwad's paradise.
by esper777 June 04, 2009
patriotic nigras

A group of losers who fuck around on Second Life making idiots of themselves for the lulz. (which is 'internet moron' for: "Hey look at me, I'm not funny but I want people to laugh anyway")

Think that "The penis is the funniest shit EVER brah!"

Their humor is shared by:

13 year old boys

*Drunk 13 year old boys seem to be immune.

Fail to realize that devoting time to trolling a game pretty much makes them the same as the people who play for real. Except PN just spends all their time pretending to be that clown from V for Vendetta.

Except, instead of a corrupt government, they're taking down a Sims MMO's player base.

And, instead of waging war through the invigoration of public social conscious, they make cartoon dicks fly around.
Good Job guys...

Oh and before you PN fanboys get too antsy and fill your virtual diapers with angry butt brownies,

There, you should be giggling now.
Go bounce this ball...
patriotic nigras? They're name is so edgy! I'm already offended because I'm a fuckin' nun! what do they do again? Troll Second Life? WTF is that?... ...WOW. They do this why exactly?...Oh yeah, they sure showed everyone who the losers are.
by esper777 May 15, 2009
World of Warcraft
The message board for North America server Uldum.

Like all WoW realm boards: A poorly moderated hang out for the absolute shittiest members of any given server.
Only the biggest losers, trolls and bottomfeeders of each server tend to inhabit the realm boards, creating a a ridiculous clique of virginal, snarky, staggeringly lame and unfunny, assbags that are nearly identical to each and every realm board in existence.

Seriously, try to differentiate them.

On Uldum, this usually means listening to the pathetic elitists of Poor Play, Gentlemen's Club, Moskau, Wishmasters, as well as others and a handful of losers who have left but, troll the old boards out of desperation- Prattle endlessly using "bad" as a noun, and flinging lame WOW community cliches* and memes around in place of valid thoughts. WoW has the shittiest community of any game and the realm boards are the shittiest of that shit storm.
It's like they all fell out of the shit tree, and made sweet love to every branch on the way down, before building a cabin on the lowest branch out of the broken boughs they fucked through and, proceed to live there all year round, with their shit-tree/human children.

It's like someone decided to filter shit out of shit, to make some kind of purified, super shit and, the Uldum realm board popped out, fully grown with an Arthas action figure up it's own ass.

If you ever wanted a pastey, fat, sweaty teenager/semi-adult
-whose only experience with a vagina, is sliding out of one-
to call you an idiot, because your blibbity-bloo blob trinket is slippity flip flop! Or, that you are "terribad" (I know, awesome wordplay) because your cartoon character is wearing too much eyeliner or resilience or whatever,
come to Uldum! Home of the worthless tool.

Here you can see the same small group of sniveling, gutless, assclowns try to act as cool as any basement dwelling, neckbeards
-whose only claim to fame is downing some dumbass make believe, dragon with their head literally inserted into their own ass, can-
While bragging about how awesome they are at the world's easiest MMO.

Better lock up your daughters! That 90lb. horse's ass with the tier 7 shoulders, backne and a name that includes "lol" is headed this way!
Wow, you can "out DPS" me? Gee, you must have hot and cold running chicks man!

You know, instead of nobody on Earth giving a rat's flying green shit about how hard your mangina cartoon elf can smack around other cartoon fucktards?

Get used to kids dancing for joy when they "troll u" because apparently that is the most amazing thing in the world there.

*It's like a plate of meme, with an extra side of retarded.
Uldum Realm Board: Come for the inflated sense of self worth, leave because everyone there is a complete idiot. DO NO TRY TO REASON WITH ULDUMITES, THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF REASONING.
by Esper777 March 01, 2009

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