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2.A really huge bitch.
You're such a shitagi.
by eSouth March 19, 2005
The real definitions:

1.A low shrub with many branches.
2.A thick growth of shrubs; a thicket.
a.Land covered with dense vegetation or undergrowth.
b.Land remote from settlement: the Australian bush.
a.A shaggy mass, as of hair.
b.Vulgar Slang. A growth of pubic hair.
5.A fox's tail.
a.Archaic. A clump of ivy hung outside a tavern to indicate the availability of wine inside.
b.Obsolete. A tavern.
The fox ran into the bush.
by eSouth March 19, 2005
Slash fiction involving the pairings of two or more bandmates of the same gender.
I found a plethora of bandslash on Fandomination.net ...
by eSouth April 03, 2005
A person who packages fudge.
Linda is a fudge-packer. She works at the fudge factory down the street.
by eSouth March 19, 2005
Very intellectual and talented, System of a Down is one of the most unique sounds to hit Nu-Metal. Unlike Korn or Slipknot, System has the ability to write AND play their own music, with complete and utter talent.

All four members are of Armenian heritage and speak loudly of the unspoken Armenian Genocide of the late 1800's and early 1900's. They are heavily influenced by their roots and many other styles of music, and always open to new ideas.

Members of System:

Serj Tankian- lead vocals
Daron Malakian- guitar, backing vocals
Shavo Odadjian- bass
John Dolmayan- drums
System of a Down is an amazing band!
by eSouth March 12, 2005
Father of the operating system, Linux.
Linus invented Linux.
by eSouth April 03, 2005
A liquor store commonly found in central Florida.
I went to ABC to buy some wine.
by eSouth March 12, 2005

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