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where anime freaks like to hang out, obsessed with roleplaying. you will usually find them typing dragon ball special moves.
*charges up ball of energy in hand, BUKAKE!* bukake means fire
by an anoymous source October 30, 2003

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anime roleplaying
an online hellhole run by nazis.
Seig Dave!
by your mom July 03, 2003
A great java applet designed to have a chatroom and a drawing board. Great place to draw and meet folks. :-)
by eSouth March 12, 2005
A place to go out of boredom. Not a site to tell everyone to go there, a million people typing random nonsense at once is NOT a good thing, and we don't want the site ruined...
n_n hello.
by Vamm goda, Loki January 17, 2004